L.A. Candy - Lauren Conrad

Managed to read 102 pages last night before I passed out. Like I said before, I really liked this book in high school, but I was a little worried I wouldn't end up liking it as much now that I'm older and more well-read. But I'm still really enjoying it! I was looking at some reviews here and on GoodReads and people were tearing this book up, but I've found some extremely popular YA books by "regular" authors, not celebrities, that are written so much more poorly. No, it's not a book for everyone. You have to be a fan of borderline cheesy chick-lit to like this. But so far this book is really fun! There is a good plot, the characters are actually pretty well developed, and as I stated before it's well-written (no overuse of certain words, no grammatical errors that I've seen, etc.). She did work with a collaborator on this, but I still am really liking this book and will still stand by it. 


Pages Read Saturday: 102