A Caribbean Mystery - Agatha Christie

Yesterday was a snow day for me. We got around 6 inches here, which isn't too terrible, but they hadn't plowed or salted our road at all, so my grandma and I said screw it and stayed home.It was the pretty much the perfect day to lay around in bed and start and finish a short little mystery set on a tropical island.


(Side note: On the front page of the Washington Post today was an article about the snowstorm, and tons of quotes from Botsonians saying we need to "man up" and "quit complaining." Sorry, but in DC we don't generally get a lot of snow, so we aren't well equipped to handle storms when they do come through. They don't treat our roads before or during the storm. We don't all drive 4-wheel drive cars and have snow tires because 360 days out of the year we don't need them. People here don't know how to drive safely in snow and ice. We aren't losing our minds over a few inches of snow; we just don't have the provisions to handle it like you do. /rant)


I can't even remember the last Miss Marple mystery I read, so I forgot how much I love her! She's such a sweet little old lady, but she definitely knows how to use her wit and strong conversational skills to get to the bottom of things. 


Of course I didn't figure out whodunit -- I pretty much never do with Christie's books. She always does a great job of building a cast of characters who are all just shady enough that anyone could be the murderer. 


This wasn't the best Christie book I've ever read, but I did enjoy it and I hope to get around to reading more soon. I have a few more Miss Marple books and I think one Poirot, and I'm planning on saving them for future snow days or sick days. Her books are the perfect "curl up in bed and read in one sitting" books.