The Kill Order - James Dashner

This book, to me, is a perfect example of an author trying to cash in on a series that they obviously are done with or have no real new ideas for. The Kill Order is the prequel to The Maze Runner series, but it was the last book to be released. Also, reading this book before reading the original trilogy will majorly spoil a lot of the trilogy, so it's actually best to read it last.


After not being happy with The Death Cure, the (first) final installment to the series, I was hoping this would give me the answers I was so desperately seeking. I've said it before -- this world is intriguing and I want to know how the world became so f-ed up. But once again, this book hardly gives you any new information.


I already knew this book followed different characters from those in the original trilogy, but I still think it's kind of weird to tack on an installment to a series that only briefly mentions the characters the entire series follows. 


This book was probably 90% action scenes. I like action in a book to an extent, but there comes a point where I can no longer tell who is punching/hitting/kicking/running away from who. I'll admit I skimmed A LOT of this book because I grew very bored of all the fighting, and every time I was pretty sure the main characters would make it out unharmed, anyway.


I will pick up future books by James Dashner, but I'm glad this series is over. I think he's a talented writer who can build a world really wonderfully, but hopefully in the future he does a little more world-explaining as well.