Landline: A Novel - Rainbow Rowell The Death Cure - James Dashner Shatter - Michael Robotham

It has been almost a week at my new job (I ended up starting on Monday because we had some paperwork issues) and I’m really liking it, but it is definitely an adjustment! The hours and my commute are much longer than I’m used to, but I’m much happier here and I’m so glad to finally be in the professional world.

I’ve been majorly slacking on posting, but I have finished three books since moving down here, so I thought I’d post some quick thoughts. 


Landline by Rainbow Rowell: This was my first Rainbow Rowell book, and I was pretty disappointed. I liked the idea of the book, but I thought the execution could have been much better. I was soooo booooored with this book, but I was determined to finish it to see if it got any better. (Spoiler alert: It didn’t.) I expected the book to have a lot of conversation and dialogue since the book does revolve around a magical phone, but the phone conversations (especially between the main character and her young daughters) drove me crazy. Much of the time it was like awkwardly overhearing someone’s annoying phone conversation and hoping they’ll shut up soon. I thought Georgie and Neal’s relationship seemed juvenile and ugh I’m sick of talking about this book so I’m gonna stop now.

The Death Cure by James Dashner: I finally got around to reading the conclusion to this series (although I’m reading the prequel now) and I was so disappointed with this installment. You barely get answers to the major questions raised in the first two books. So much information is just glossed over and I was craving more detail! I liked this world and I was upset that it was never fully explained. I feel like the author wanted to focus on the action in this book – deaths, explosions, car chases, the whole shebang – but I just wasn’t feeling it.

Shatter by Michael Robotham: Finally a book I liked! Actually, I kind of loved this one. It’s a psychological thriller with a really interesting premise and it’s super engaging. I don’t even want to say much about it because I feel like this could be easily spoiled. Apparently this is part of a series, but I never would have known that if I hadn’t looked up the book. It wasn’t loaded with back-story, nor did it reference things that I didn’t understand. I am interested in checking out the rest of the series now, though. In some ways this book reminded me of Human Remains by Elizabeth Haynes, so if you happen to have enjoyed that one I’d recommend this. I highly recommend Human Remains too!

Bedtime for me (so weird to be going to bed at 10:00 when I'm such a night owl but I'm getting used to it). Hopefully more posting for me soon as I continue to get more settled in here!