The past week has been CRAZY for me. 


I don't think I've talked much about this, but I graduated from college in December 2012 with a degree in English: Concentration in Professional Writing (think journalism, non-fiction kind of writing) and a minor in Women's Studies. Since graduation I've applied to countless jobs, mostly in the journalism, publishing, and editing field with absolutely no luck. I've been working as a server in a restaurant since graduation and really struggling to pay my student loan bills.


On Wednesday I had an interview for a position at a nonprofit medical company and got the position. It's basically secretarial work, but my new boss said he can tell I'm very driven and wants to give me a shot to prove myself, and if I do I can move up in the company.


He wanted me to start ASAP, so the past few days have been crazy getting paperwork done, drug and disease tested (since I'll be working in a hospital), and packing up and moving in with my grandmother who lives significantly closer to Washington, DC, where the hospital is.


I start on Thursday and I'm crazy excited but super nervous as well. It's my first office job, not to mention it's in the nation's capital! I'm pretty familiar with DC, but not so much the side my job is on.


Anyway, I've had no time to read. The last book I read I had to skim the last 150 pages (luckily I didn't like the book much anyway) because it was a library book and I needed to return it to my hometown library before I moved. But now that I'm settling in here I'll finally have some free time. Also, I'll be taking the Metro into the city every day, which will give me reading time. And I'm definitely planning on scoping out nearby coffee shops for reading and getting caffed-up on my lunch breaks.


tl;dr, I hope to be back to more regular reading and posting soon :)