I am pissed.


I primarily use GoodReads to track my reading. (Is that bad to mention on here? I know some people over here hate GoodReads with a passion...) I've been on GoodReads for a while now, and I'm just more familiar with their system and I can easily add and rate books. I logged on today and saw that my 2014 Reading Challenge said I had read 33 out of 50 books. Just yesterday, I am certain that that number was 46. So I scrolled through my Read books and noticed several books missing. When I checked for those books on my other shelves, they were not there either. Since the books weren't shelved, my ratings were gone, too. 


I know what some of the missing books are, but not all of them. Call me silly (actually, I think most of you will agree), but it's important to me to have an inventory of books I read and how I rated them. Losing a good chunk of the books I read this year really ticks me off. Half of the reason I'm so diligent with adding and rating books online is because I have a pretty crappy memory, so I honestly may never remember some of the books that are missing. Not to mention that now my reading goal for the year is all fucked up.


I emailed GoodReads and hopefully they can resolve the problem, but I'm honestly not getting my hopes up. If they can't fix this, I may consider transferring all my info and relocating here completely. If any of you have had a similar problem over there, please let me know if you were able to fix it.