The Man Who Wouldn't Stand Up - Jacob M. Appel

Arnold Brinkman, a botanist living in New York City, is a pretty good guy. He "recycles scrupulously and overpays his taxes," he's a loving husband, and he manages to live a pretty normal, low-key life. But then he refuses to stand up at a baseball game while "God Bless America" plays as a tribute to two local soldiers killed in action. He becomes the talk of the town immediately, labelled everything from a loser to a nutcase, and eventually a traitor and a terrorist. Arnold soon becomes the most wanted man in the country and is forced to go into hiding, shacking up with some unlikely characters to avoid jail time or worse for his "crime."

This book was a great satire that made some fantastic points regarding patriotism, mob mentality, and the media and sensationalism. I loved that this book managed to be a fun and interesting read while still raising some serious questions about our society.

I really enjoyed reading this book overall. I only had a couple of issues with this book -- there were quite a few grammatical and punctuation errors (I read an e-book copy that I won free in a giveaway, so I'm not sure if these issues have been fixed in print copies) and I really hated the ending. To me, the ending felt like an easy way to end the story without giving closure to the situation. It was disappointing, and almost made me feel like reading the whole book was a waste of time for that ending. Problems aside, I really liked this book, but it isn't the kind of book I'd recommend to everyone I know. I think only a certain type of person will enjoy the combination of farce, wit, satire, and the slightly pretentious vibe that the main character gives that make up this story, but I would recommend it to those who enjoy sarcasm and have a politically incorrect sense of humor.