I keep forgetting to post my page counts! Actually, it's a combination of forgetfulness and laziness. Plus, I've actually been getting out of the house and doing things the past few days. I feel a billion times better than I did just a few weeks ago. I still have four or five days until my next appointment, but I think then I will be released to go back to work, stop all these medications, and I can be a normal 23 year old again. :)


My grandma is staying with us for a few weeks (she just had a hip replacement and is doing well!) and she brought with her quite a few books I really want to read. I need to snatch them up the second she's done with them before anyone else in the house does (#greedy). Including me, there are 6 readers in this house, which can make for some serious fights over who gets to read what first. I'm pretty much the fastest/most avid reader so I usually win, but when I lose and I have to wait a month for someone to finish a 300 page book, I'm not happy. :P


Pages Read Thursday: 81


Pages Read Friday: 59


Pages Read Saturday: 128