Nineteen Eighty-Four - George Orwell

Feelin' kind of iffy about this book right now. Last time I read this I was like...12? I think back then I kind of got the gist of it but I didn't REALLY understand it but I thought I was ~so kewl~ for reading it. 


I feel like this should be my favorite book ever. I love dystopians, I love classics, I love government-taking-over-police-state-Illuminati-new-world-order conspiracies. And while I'm enjoying some aspects of this book I'm feeling very underwhelmed right now. I'm not connecting to Winston at all...maybe I'm not meant to, though? Maybe the second half of the book is better? Maybe I'm just not in the right mood or mindset to read thins right now? Agghh I don't know. Unless this book gets cray by page 125ish, I highly doubt I'll make it to 100 pages today.