Sugar and Spice - Lauren Conrad

As I predicted, I wasn't able to finish this book up last night, but I more than likely will today. I'm pretty surprised that so far I've liked every book in this trilogy equally. Most series or trilogies have at least one book that either flat out sucks and is full of filler material or just isn't as good as the others in some regard. But this whole trilogy is really good! I love the scandal and drama and backstabbing and seeing how brutal it really is in Hollywood. I keep putting myself in the character's shoes, wondering what I would do in some of these situations. Seriously, what would I do if the entire world (including my boyfriend) found out I cheated and hooked up with my boyfriend's best friend from a tabloid article complete with photos? Or if I found out my best friend was spilling all my dirty secrets to the editor of a tabloid? How would I react to being suddenly catapulted into stardom, and suddenly I can't go anywhere without being chased by the paparazzi? It's interesting to think about. Yeah, yeah, she's a celebrity author and may not have written most of this book herself, but the thing is, Lauren Conrad basically lived these novels. Some things may have been exaggerated or fabricated (these books are fiction, not memoirs), but I feel like in a way that makes the books more real, almost like I'm getting a backstage pass to the world of "reality" shows. 


I'll be finishing up Sugar and Spice tonight. Hopefully the ending doesn't disappoint!


Pages Read Friday: 138