Didn't read 100 pages yesterday. I planned on doing a lot of reading before bed, but I ended up getting really sick and I needed to just sleep. I'm feeling better today; all the meds I'm on are really taking a toll on my body and I can't wait to be done with them! 

I guess it wasn't a total fail though...my original goal was to read 3,100 pages in August, which I equated to 100 or more pages a day. Most days I've read a good amount over 100 pages, and I've had a couple days over 200 pages, so I'll still make that goal. 

I'm starting to think that reading challenges aren't for me, though. I like that I'm reading more, but some days it really feels like a chore. I haven't read at all today (planning to start on Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad) and I might not get to 100 pages, but I'm gonna try not to beat myself up about it if I don't.


Pages Read Monday: 52