172 Hours on the Moon - Tara F. Chace, Johan Harstad

This is SO SCARY.


Space freaks me out. Not aliens or any of that crap, but just outer space in general. Black holes, meteors and asteroids, all that nothingness...One of my worst fears is to be shuttled off into space and just left there, floating around until I run out of air and die or something kills me. I don't even like looking at the moon and stars and planets when they're visible in a telescope because it scares me.


So this book -- three teens who won a contest being sent to space with a team of astronauts for one week -- is like, my worst nightmare. And now things are going wrong at the base and I wanna keep reading and see what happens but it's giving me the creeps. I watched American Horror Story last night with the supposed "scariest clown in history" and wasn't scared in the slightest but this book is gonna give me nightmares.